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5 Reasons Why Your Child Needs To Learn Abacus

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Abacus – A Must Have Skill for your Kid We all need all-rounders in our child. With increasing competition and heightening level of studies and performance thereon, there has been a good amount of pressure over children to perform these days. All the parents want their kids to excel,

21 To-do’s for retailers for a great customer experience

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Visit to a retail store is a daily affair, and retailers are continuously finding out ways to woo and charm customers. There is no limit to innovation, and we can find tireless efforts from retailers to give the best shot for an amazing shopping experience, from offers and promotions,

Mixing Acrylics & Water Colors

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I have seen a lot of discussions around mixing watercolor and acrylics, going on over internet as well as with my artist friends. I am not an artist, but I am a member of an Art Promotion platform,, and know a lot of artists from that network. Here