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Internet of Things, Connected Devices And The Future

Connected Devices and connected people – we can see this all around us. From Smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, lights, televisions to cars, heavy machinery, planes and what not! Such a world we are living in which has a galore of opportunities for technology enthusiasts to work for, and consumers to enjoy these innovations, at an ever decreasing cost! Thats what it Internet of Things.

Come the future, the number of connected devices is going to be multifold. According to a survey published by IHS, the number of connected devices would increase upto 75.44 billions by 2025! That is definitely going to change Internet of Things to Internet of Everything.

“By 2025, Internet of Things is going to be Internet of Everything”

Statistic: Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices installed base worldwide from 2015 to 2025 (in billions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

The number of devices would cover devices from across industries which would impact every walk of life for the consumer, for example, production & manufacturing, transportation, logistics, communication, healthcare, agriculture, retail, energy, sports and exercise, education, entertainment and media and so on.

This connectivity is definitely going to serve humans in a better way than ever, with increased efficiency, reduction in efforts, ease, critical support and quality of life. However, these connected devices would generate enormous amounts of data, along with personal data with a wider access to multiple endpoints, which also throws challenges which need to be taken care of, like-

  1. How to store, manage and utilize this vast amount of data?
  2. What kind of data makes sense to store, what to be discarded?
  3. What information and insights to be drawn out of such data?
  4. How to ensure data privacy for users?
  5. How to ensure compliance with data protection, retention and data residency laws?

A huge amount of investment is being pumped from global technology giants over research and development with this subject, which is switching on possibilities and business opportunities like never before in engineering, technology, analytics and other fields. Below can be the opportunities, to name a few.

  1. Customer service and experience: A seamless brand experience to customers for pre-sale, sale and post-sale service across multiple platforms like web, store, call center and mobile.
  2. Tailored Products: Extract deeper insights in consumer behavior to offer tailored fit or personalized products and services keeping consumer persona at the centrestage.
  3. Supply chain optimization: Improved sales and inventory forecasting budgeted with advanced factors for products to improve reach and product availability to everyone, as well as reduce wastage.
  4. Environmental protection: Tapping abundant natural resources to reduce exploitation of scarce resources, for example, in the field of energy with optimized insights over consumption patterns and supply.
  5. Crime reduction: With connected devices like high definition cameras, geo tagging, devices like Kinect and facial recognition, this may help in tapping advanced and real time monitoring of social / anti social activities and nab culprits in no time, thereby imposing law and order.

There are endless business opportunities lying with internet of things, which is also boosting associated technology branches like Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Process Automation and Robotics.

Can you imagine if such opportunities are to come in near future, what would it need the most?

It makes absolute sense to start getting ready with these technologies, avoid being obsolete and take yourselves to the future right now, irrespective you are an experienced technology engineer, a starter or a student.

Qualified resources, to start with. There is a huge demand which is only going to extrapolate multi-fold in coming times, where qualified resources with skills like IoT, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Robotics would be required. Thus, it makes absolute sense to start getting ready with these technologies, avoid being obsolete and take yourselves to the future right now, irrespective you are an experienced technology engineer, a starter or a student.

Learning these skills are definitely going to boost your career and future, and most important, you will be a part of this exciting journey in the future. Who doesn’t enjoys what he cooks himself afterall!

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Written by Deep Sharma

Along with Consulting as my profession, I enjoy being a digital world explorer, art lover and an occasional digital artist. Love to face challenges, seeking new professional risks and digging valuable learning out of them.


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