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Simple Yet Effective Brain Gym Exercise for Beginners


A Simple Yet Effective Brain Gym Exercise for Beginners.

Friends, Brain Gym exercises are simple body movements which are used to season both parts of our brain to work in coordination with our body. In general, our brain controls what our body does. Just like we do physical exercises which makes our body fit, brain gym exercises help our mind stay fit and coordinated. A person who has never done physical exercise would find it difficult to do body stretching, but if he practices and does it daily, he can master stretching exercises and make his body flexible.

Just think about the moves which a gymnast makes. In general, this is very difficult to copy those moves for most of us. Similarly, there are many simple body movements which are difficult to do, just because our brain is not seasoned to command our body to do such moves.

Today I am going to show you a very simple brain gym exercise which includes simple hand movements, but needs practice to get our body and mind calibrated to make a perfect show. Refer to the pictures given below in the steps too for a better understanding.

STEP 1 : Open both of your hands/palms and keep them side by side

STEP 2 : Close your fingers and make fists in both of your hands

STEP 3  : Slowly Open the little finger of your left right hand and and thumb of your left hand together.

STEP 4  : Close both the open finger and thumb slowly.

STEP 5  : Now slowly open the little finger of your left hand and thumb of your right hand.

STEP 6  : Close both the open finger and thumb slowly again.

STEP 7 : Now repeat steps 3, 4, 5 and 6 again and again.

Your exercise should look like this.

If you are doing it for the first time, you would find it difficult. However, keep practicing.
Once you can open and close the fingers properly, start omitting step 4, and practice closing the opened finger and thumb and opening the closed finger and thumb together.

Watch the below video for reference.

The above video shows a 6 year kid practicing this exercise.

This is a simple exercise, and practicing the same makes your brain and body coordinate and align better for movements which are not usual by stimulating the brain nerves. This also helps in dealing with anxiety and depression effectively.

Hope you liked this and would start practicing and make your kids learn this too.

You would find more of such exercises coming soon over this blog.

You can contact me at for any information.

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Written by Jyoti Sharma

An ex financial markets professional; mathematics, abacus, brain gym trainer and a hobbyist blogger.


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